About Pixel-House

Pixel-House was the brainchild of 2 guys at college back in 2012 after they saw an ad online for cheap company registration. For a few days ideas were tossed back and forth with some other friends offering opinions before the bullet was bitten and the company registered. Over the years we have hosted game servers, VMs and websites but the dream has always been game development. Our mission has never changed, we want to see fairer pricing across the industry. And we wanted to put in our own take on the games we’d like to play. Now we’ve come full circle, and the same 2 guys are finally making some games. It’s our dreams that got us here and now they guide us forward. We will work hard every day to bring some games to the table we hope you’ll like to play. Enjoy!


J.Hazell:- Hi! I’m Jordan. Myself and Blake first thought of Pixel-House while sat in a college lesson we should probably been paying more attention to. It took a few years and some failed attempts but we are now set with a plan, a mission and the backing we need to achieve our goals. I, for one, can’t wait to see what we can achieve.

B.Webb:- Hello there, I’m Blake. I along with Jordan help keep the company afloat and assist with game design, concepts and offer what programing skills I have to help the rest of the team. I love working on and talking about the games we make and I hope once you get the chance you will love playing them. Thanks!

Community Manager

K.Rowley:- Hey! Name’s Kelly. I work to make sure everyone is kept as up to date as possible on everything we’ve got going on in Pixel-House as it happens. I’m your first line of contact through social media and can usually get you to the info you need if I don’t know the answer off hand.

Our Favorite Contracters

Rhys – An audio engineer able to help us out at short notice got us through a Game Jam with everything we needed in very good time.

Alpha Team

This is our team of initial testers keeping glitches and crashes at bay.

L.Johnson, LM.Johnson, P.Rowley.