Game Jam 2020

We’ve done it !!! Tonight we have completed and submitted our Extras credits game jam entry.We had to follow a theme and this years was “Take care” . very apt right now I think you’ll agree? so here we are introducing Pixel-pet, we tried to cover as much of the bonus criteria as we could, The result is a social distancing pet with a very limited retro colour and sound palette, and its own picture based language.We will be updating , modernising and cleaning up the game between now and full release but for a game that that was made in 72 hours were pretty chuffed with how its turned out.For now its just available on PC.Please have a play and tell us what you from

A message from our Director:- J Hazell

At Pixel-House we strive to give people what they want minus the normal irritations. We have people to talk to people, our adverts are fewer, are charges are less. We aim to put back “get what you pay for” in place of the new attitude of “pay double for less or watch these 16 adverts”. You’ll find less ads in our games, less time with answering machines on our phone lines, more communications from REAL people and all whilst paying a reasonable price. We’re not out to make millions, we’re out to follow the path we believe the industry should have always been on.